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QLAM SQ-35 Foiling & Sleeking (POA)

Introducing the QLam SQ-35 high-quality European foiling and sleeking machine.  PRICE ON APPLICATION
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The latest addition from QLAM in Europe, the SQ-35 is a stand out manual laminating machine with commercial chrome roller and pneumatic roller pressure designed for quality finishing of digital prints.

Capable of foiling, sleeking and laminating at a speed of up to 8 Metres per minute with a chrome heated roller, the SQ-35 combines internal thermocouple heat with pneumatic pressure of up to 600kg for maximum results.

The European design and components also include "no sheet photocell detection" and foil take up rewind bar for digital foiling and sleeking.

This addition to the QLAM range of equipment represents outstanding quality not before seen in digital foiling and sleeking and is the perfect compliment for precision digital print finishing.

Major Design Features:

  • Made in Europe to European standards
  • Highest quality components
  • Capable of foiling, sleeking & laminating digital print
  • Chrome roller with internal thermocouple heating
  • Pneumatic roller pressure to 600kgs
  • Photocell no-sheet detection & safety cutout
  • Running speed up to 8 metres per minute
  • Compressor included with machine
  • Rewind module for digital foiling and sleeking


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