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Premium Digi BOPP Anti-Scuff Matt 445mm x 500M

Premium Digi BOPP Anti-Scuff Matt 445mm x 500M
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This Digital Grade Anti-Scuff Matt Laminate maintains the same high-quality as our range of Premium DigiBOPP Laminating Film, but with the added benefit of being highly scuff resistant.

Standard Matt laminate gives a great finish to your job, but is prone to marking and can scratch quite easily. This is most noticeable when printing with a solid colour like black or blue.

The Anti-Scuff Laminate does exactly what it says and prevents all these general markings due to a specially designed hard coated layer which protects the look and feel of the matt finish. This ensures that even after binding and post-processing, the job is still perfect and provides a better overall finish. Compatible with spot UV varnishing and foiling, anti-scuff matt film has been around for some time, the big difference now being able to offer it with digital adhesive for shorter runs.

There is a slight cost increase compared with normal Matt Laminate, but the overall protection is worth it to get the longest lifespan from your products.

  • Premium Digital-Grade Laminating Film
  • Anti-Scuff Matt Finish
  • Compatible with Spot UV Varnishing and Foiling
  • 45 micron BOPP
  • 445mm wide X 500Metres
  • 76mm core

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