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Can you laminate it?

Posted on 8 February 2016
Can you laminate it?

There are some things that should not be laminated

At Lamination System we can laminate just about anything, however there are some things that are not suitable to laminate.

Items printed on thermal paper, like concert and movie tickets are not suitable to be laminated because they will turn black when laminated.

We also generally recommend that collectible or valuable items not be laminated, because laminating is permanent and once something is laminated, it cannot be undone. 

While our experienced team take every effort to ensure a good result, we cannot guarantee it. Laminating is a tricky business and there can be issues such as creasing, bubbling, folding or warping.

Lamination is the ideal solution to prolong the life of your print or poster by protecting it from fading, tearing, dirt, fingerprints, moisture and other contaminants.

Laminating is also a cost effective way to protect maps, drawings, aeronautical and nautical charts, the output from pen plotters, posters - in fact, just about anything.

At Lamination System, we laminate from wallet size cards through to 1600mm wide posters. We laminate with gloss, matt and extra heavy duty films.

Framing can be costly and is not always the best option.

Consider laminating as an affordable way to protect and prolong the life of your documents today.

Contact us Lamination System and let our expert team laminate them for you.

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