Anzac Day 2018

Apr 25 2018

Take some time today to remember and pay tribute to all lives lost in military action around the world.

Easter 2018

Mar 29 2018
As we close before the 4-day long weekend the entire team at Lamination System would like to wish everyone and their families and friends a very...

Video Demonstrations of Laminating Machines

Informative videos on our range of Roll Laminators, Celloglazers, Automatic Laminators and Wide Format Laminating Machines

View our videos below or visit our You Tube Channel....


Minibond 380 Digital Desktop Laminator

Minibond 520 Digital Desktop Laminator

QLAM SAB 35 Semi-automatic Laminator

LamiCube 350 Automatic Digital Celloglazer

QLam SAB 35-WF Automatic Laminator

QLAM Iris Series 2 Automatic Laminator

QLam Iris Series 2 Laminator (Real Time Setup)

Sign Easy 1600 Wide Format Laminator

Sign Easy PRO 1600mm Cold Laminator & Mounter

Signmaster 1600 Wide Format Cold Laminator

Signmaster 1600 Plus Heat Assist Laminator

Sign Master PRO 1600mm Laminator & Mounter

Sign Master Applicator Table

Sign Master Applicator (Extended Demo)

LS360 Hot Laminating Machine
LS650 Hot & Cold Laminator (Cold Film)

LS1100 Hot and Cold Poster Laminator (Thermal Film)

LS1100 Hot and Cold Poster Laminator (Cold Film)

Our Laminating & Mounting Services

QLam Iris 72WF Series One

QLam Master Commercial Automatic Laminator

QLam Master 102 Commercial Automatic Laminator

QLam Master 102 Commercial Automatic Laminator

QLam Massai Commercial Automatic Laminator
Ultra Bond 520 Laminator How to web up Minibond Double-sided




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