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Too much tension?

Posted on 4 November 2015
Too much tension?

Not getting to result you want? Curly? Warped? Ripples?

A common problem in all kinds of laminating is too much tension or brake being applied to the film. Apart from excessive strain on your laminator, the quality of your product is most likely suffering as well.

Where possible, laminating film needs to be applied naturally, which means minimal tension. This reduces the surface tension of the finished product resulting in less curl, no chance of distortion, less scratching and shrinking at a later date.

A simple rule to follow is, whenever practical, remove tension when making adjustments to curl or finish. Usually too much tension is placed on film when it is first set up to get the film to 'settle' then once it has settled this excess tension is not removed. Also remember as the roll of film reduces in diameter through use, the tension increases.

So just remember once your laminator is set up remove as much tension as possible and you will produce great laminating.

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