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Winter is here

Posted on 27 June 2016
Winter is here

Winter is here and as the temperature drops, so can your laminates adhesion.

Laminating is temperature sensitive, which means the ambient temperature of the paper stock can affect the quality of your finish. This is especially evident if you are trying to laminate at high speed.

Here are a few tips to help you get a year round great laminating finish:

Where possible, try to control the climate in your production area.

If you're unable to control the climate in your production area, running your laminator at a slightly slower speed may help.

If this isn't an option, placing a blow heater near your stock prior to laminating may assist in achieving a high quality finish this Winter.

For more information on this topic or to discuss your laminating needs, call the experienced team at Lamination System on 1300 099 030.

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