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Keep your rollers clean

Posted on 20 February 2017

If you put in a little effort looking after your laminator, you will not only increase its working life but ensure the quality of your work stays top notch.

It goes without saying that the rollers and their general condition are the single most important part of any laminator. Once damaged, they will create imperfections that can only be fixed by replacing them. Glue build up from laminating film and pouches is the number one cause of roller damage, so keep them clean to avoid this. Sticky, glue covered rollers will also contribute to jammed pouches in your laminator.

Most roll laminators and pouch laminators are cleaned with the following products:

  • Kerosene for hot laminators with rubber type rollers (silicon, edpm, nitrile). The oil base also helps rejuvenate the rubber while cleaning.
  • White spirits for steel / chrome rollers and non-heated rubber rollers.

To clean your rollers follow these steps:

  • Remove any covers or guards as required
  • Heat helps to soften glue build-up enabling it to removed quicker. So to make cleaning easy, heat the machine to normal operating temperature, remove the film from the machine and then set it rotating for several minutes to really get the rollers hot
  • Using a Chux or other lint-free cloth and your chosen cleaning fluid, stop the rollers and clean the accessible area, then rotate the machine a little to get to the next section.
  • If you cannot stop your rollers turning, set it as slow as possible and clean while they are rotating. Just be extra careful your cloth and fingers don't get caught!
  • Be patient and thorough. Keep your cloth wet and change it regularly. Depending on the model of laminator - don't forget to clean the heat shoes as well.
  • Never use anything sharp to remove glue or objects from your laminator. This could lead to permanent damage.

Tip: As this can be a smelly job, it may be better to schedule your cleaning for Friday afternoons to limit workmate complaints. However, there are low fume alternatives such as Qlam's LIMP35 Citrus cleaner, which we have in stock.

Or if it all sounds too complicated, we have service division who can clean and service your pouch laminator or roll laminator for you. Contact us on 1300 099 030 or send us an email for more information or to book your laminator service today!


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